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Pikonut, Arzanoglu Group was founded in 1974 by our esteemed elder Ersin Sahin Arzanoglu in Unye, and has been continuing its commercial activities for half a century. From 1974 to the present, it has been able to update itself by adapting to changes in our country and world trade, and has managed to act in accordance with the requirements of time.

Hazelnut trade was firstly sold in the farm of shelled hazelnuts from the producer to hazelnut cracking factories without any treatment.

Pikonut, Arzanoglu Group met these new initiatives together with a different customer group, and achieved a significant success in a short time thanks to the correct actions taken towards the expectations of its new customer base in the fields of quality, price and logistics.

With increasing business volume has continued to expand its production line logistics facilities continuously.

In the year 2020, in order to keep with the increase in business volume, changing customer demands and developing tecnology, the company astablished the integrated facility operating today. Thanks the advanced technology used, all kinds of processed hazelnuts can be produced. Thus, industrial buyers who need processed hazelnut products met with Pikonut Hazelnut quality.

Pikonut has become one of the companies known and followed by everyone in the sector today. Knows that the confidence and expactation of all parties is greater than ever. With this awareness, Pikonut which always wants to deliver hazelnuts to more people and always do better, will start the construction of its new integrated facility with the latest technology in short time.